Crawaly Update

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thank you everyone for your thoughts, prayers, comments and tweets - they might have just worked and I am feeling much more positive about my girl, Crawaly, today then I was yesterday!
She had her ultrasound this morning at 10am and I was checking my phone continuously at work wanting an update, but I refused to call and bother the vets office again, and plus, we had already decided we were going to stop in on my lunch hour to see how she was.
Somewhat funny story - I went to the bathroom at work around 11am and just as I was finishing up, my phone started vibrating my purse. I grabbed it out in a hurry and answered it in the bathroom stall. I didn't want to move too much or I would lose the signal, since it's so spotty on our office floor due to security issues. So, the poor vet had to talk over toilets flushing and I had to ignore all the strange looks at the stall door and whispers I was getting by people thinking I was taking a phone call while on the toilet. But, I don't care - my girl is more important than my dignity and I needed to know. Plus, I had finished my business.
Anyway, the ultrasound showed something on her bladder, not her liver - which is good news. They were unable to tell if it is an infection, build up or a tumor. The only way to truly tell is to open her up to have a biopsy done, which is not an option - I wouldn't put my baby through that. So, we are treating it right now as if it is an infection and it basically boils down to - if she doesn't get better then we will know that it's a tumor and there is no course of treatment for that.
Due to her not eating, she does have fatty liver disease, however, so she now has a feeding tube and according to the vet, she will for the next month or two. Until she starts eating on her own, I will need to feed her through the tube 3-5 times a day, which may be difficult with our shifts, but no matter what - she is worth any small inconvenience if it helps her get better.
So, while there is still a chance it could be a tumor and she might not get better - there is a chance that it's not, and that's all I wanted. Her to have a chance, and to be able to do everything we could to save her. 
We did get to see her on my lunch today, about 30 minutes after the feeding tube was put in, so she was a little groggy but perked right up when we came in and started purring like crazy again!
She had to stay at the vet's office again tonight and while I know she is in good care, I can't wait to have my girl home and baby her like crazy. I also think my other cat, Cleatus, is going nuts without her. She always seems to be looking for her and this morning I woke up to all of Crawaly's favourite toys strung across the floor in the living room!


  1. Aw I'm glad you're getting some answers and that she's improving! I hope she gets back to 100% in no time.

  2. Yea, so awfully happy, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers until she gets home.

  3. Aww I'm glad for the good news. I do hope she starts eating on her own soon! Poor kitty!

  4. Have faith darlin. matter of fact Come check out the new post What are your thoughts on faith?

  5. aw glad that she is getting better. fingers crossed that she continues to improve and that it's not a tumor!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. I'm so glad to hear that you're getting answers!



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