My name is Tara Reid, and I'm the girl behind Starletta Designs and this blog. I'm a designer, creator, business woman, fashion lover and blogger. I am 27 years old and currently live in a small city in Southeastern Ontario, Canada. I live with my new husband and our two cats, Cleatus & Crawal. I work as both a freelance graphic designer, jewellery designer and full time administrative assistant.

I'm a very quiet person and this blog allows me an outlet to share my world, my life, my thoughts and my emotions.

I have kept a journal or diary my entire life and this blog is no different!

I am working my way through crazy journey called life, talking photos and making memories along the way.

This is the end of my husband and I's first dance on the happiest day of our lives!  We were missing a few important people in our lives physically, but to both of us, we know that they were there in some day and everything went perfectly! I have to say - this is one of my favourite pictures from that day (and I say one because I LOVE them all!)


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