Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What a week - and it's only Tuesday!
I wrote back in October about my baby girl Crawaly having a vet visit. Her blood work back then came back normal, she was prescribed some medicine and seemed to be doing better. She still wasn't eating a lot, but she was eating and seemed like her old self.
This past Sunday, however, I noticed that she wasn't herself. She sat upstairs by herself for hours underneath a table on a cardboard box, and usually, she's stuck to me like glue, even when she wasn't herself before - she was always trotting along behind me, even if I just left a room for a second. Then, she wouldn't even eat treats. Not normal. Even when she rejects food, she never turns down a cat treat. She would come running when we shook the bag, but would turn her nose up and walk away from a treat.
We watched her for the next day and, this morning, I knew we had to make another appointment. I didn't want to, unless it was absolutely necessary because of the way she stresses out and shakes so bad. I am glad we didn't wait.
We took her this morning and the vet said she was severely dehydrated and since she now won't eat anything, we had to hook her up to an IV for fluids. More blood work was done, and this time her counts were low on several levels.
The vet seems to think it is her liver that is causing the issue - whether the liver is having issues because she isn't eating or because it is the underlying cause is a guess at this point.
So, we were advised we have 3 options and they boiled down to:
1) Do an ultrasound of her entire body to try and identify the problem
2) Euthanize her
3) Let her starve until we have no choice but to euthanize her
Option 2 and 3 are not even a consideration at this point. So, she is spending tonight hooked up to IV fluids at the vet's office and is having an ultrasound done at 10am tomorrow morning. I could never, ever put my baby girl down when we don't know what is wrong, when we aren't 100% sure there is nothing that can be done for her.
It is a very quiet and somber night in our home tonight. I find myself checking my feet all the time to make sure I'm not about to trip over her, and then I remember - she's not here. I can't even imagine life without her. She has been at my side (literally) for 10 years and I would be lost without her.
After we dropped her off this morning, I managed to make it through the last half of my work day. The vet advised we could stop by before they close if we wanted to see her and visit, so, the second I was home we got in the car and headed over there to say goodnight. The second she saw us she perked up, was purring like crazy and head butting my arm.

It doesn't look good for her, but I'm hoping we will have some good news tomorrow. I'm praying that they don't find anything in the ultrasound and she starts eating again on her own, now that she has been on fluids and antibiotics. 

Please keep my girl Crawaly in your thoughts tonight!


  1. I had something similar happen to my cat Summer. One morning, she went under my bed and just laid there. I could tell something was really wrong and took her to the vet. I was advised that they would give her IV's and do blood work. I was advised that it seemed as if she had been exposed to antifreeze (she was an indoor/outdoor cat). Like you, I went and visited her on my lunch break and after work. They didn't give me much hope, but when I would go by to visit she would perk up and purr. They finally told me to take her home, and I had little hope. But, she made a complete recovery. So, DO NOT give up on your baby!! Not yet!

  2. My heart is breaking but I am sending positive thoughts to you. Not sure what I would do if Meeko got sick.. our little furbabies. If she is back to purring and head butting its a positive sign.

  3. That would be so hard! I will definitely be thinking of her and you. I can't imagine not having Max around, and I've only had him for a year. We took him to the vet last week and he got 2 shots and it just tore me up, so I can't imagine what you're feeling. I hope you find positive and tangible answers.

  4. Oh no! I know how hard it is to lose a kitty or to even see the kitty sick. :( I'll be keeping you in my thoughts...



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