October Snail Mail Collective

Monday, November 11, 2013

In October, I participated in the Snail Mail Collective for the first time. It is so expensive to ship things from Canada, but I thought this was such an interesting concept and it would be nice to get to know a fellow blogger.

I was paired up with Nikki from Delovely Details and let me tell you, this girl is awesome! She is also a handmade artist, which was pretty neat and gave us plenty to talk about. She is from California, about 15 minutes from Disneyland - you have no idea how jealous I am over that!

So, as a part of the Snail Mail Collective, you are to mail gifts to your partner of the month - October's theme was Autumn Adventures, which was super hard for me to come up with anything - but Nikki is awesome and appeared to have no trouble with this concept!

Here is what she sent me:

This candle is stunning and I sure have a love of owls and it is now prominently displayed in our living room!

Coloured pencils! I'm a very creative person and I can never find coloured pencils when I need them - these ones come with a tiny little case so I won't lose them. And I'm thinking of colour coding my new planner, so this is perfect.

And a Don't Forget notepad that is now on the front of our refrigerator. I'm a pretty forgetful person so I make a LOT of to-do lists daily. Plus, with my husband working shift work, we very often write each other little reminders to do before the other one leaves for work. 

Nikki - You are an awesome person and I was so happy to be paired up with you for my first Snail Mail Collective experience. It was so much fun that I didn't even hesitate to sign up for November's Snail Mail Collective!


  1. Love the notepad! Very cool gifts.

  2. Because it's an owl i must know where it came from. I love it. :D and love exchanges but what's odd is when I try to participate in things I meet someone who thinks they dont like me and so they go to the one in charge of the exchange and make it where I can participate and its quite sad now a days. How folks judge before they know anything.

  3. Such a lovely note and that owl candle is gorgeous. Its been really nice getting to know other bloggers via SMC




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