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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I am always so jealous of travel bloggers. I haven't seen much of the world yet, and can count the number of states, provinces and countries I have visited on 1 hand -- Ontario, Quebec, Florida, South Carolina, Delaware, New Hampshire. Pretty sad.. and one of my goals is to travel more. Some of these vacations I'm sure won't happen until well after my retirement, but a girl can dream, right? :)

Here are my top 14 vacation spots on my bucket list:
1. Africa
Both mine and my husband's dream vacation. To go on an actual real life safari would just be such an amazing experience and so much fun to do! This one needs to be crossed off the list soon.

 2. Paris, France
I need to see the Eiffel Tower in person - I just need to. I also love the French culture so much. The times I have been to Quebec have been amazing, and Paris would just amplify that.

3. Italy
I have a smidge of Italian in me and Italy has always seemed like such a rich, peaceful place to visit. Plus, italian food? Yes, please!

4. British Columbia, Canada
I have always wanted to visit each coast of Canada, and British Columbia has such beautiful lakes. Such beautiful country!

5. East Coast Canada (Nova Scotia, PEI, and Newfoundland)
The other Coast of Canada!

6. New York City
Such a happening place - so many things to do and visit. I would LOVE to spend a week here just exploring the city. Large cities usually scare me, but New York would be such an awesome experience.
7. Aruba
Just take a look at how beautiful that water is! I'm not much of a swimmer, but I could lounge about for hours with a cool beverage in hand. It seems like this would be such a relaxing vacation.

8. Greece
Greece has always fascinated me -- their culture and their architecture. It would really be something to see this in person.

9. Australia
I'm not sure how well I would do in the heat of Australia, so I think we would have to visit in their Winter season. Barry has quite few cousins living in Australia right now, so this one is a definite possibility some day!
10. California
Anywhere in California - doesn't have to be San Fransisco or Hollywood, just anywhere. I find this state to be so amazing and can't wait to visit.
11. Amsterdam, Holland

12. Hawaii
Seriously, who wouldn't want to go to Hawaii at least once in their life?

13. India
Not just for the amazing architecture, but also? The jeweller in me wants beads! Direct from India that I can buy in person. I would love to go here and visit some markets and bead factories. Unfortunately, I think this trip would probably be the most expensive on the list and I would probably need an extra ticket to fly all my bead purchases back to Canada with me! 

14. Roswell, New Mexico
So, it may just the teenage fangirl coming out in me -- but I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Roswell, New Mexico. Even before the show Roswell, this place always fascinated me with how many theories and stories came out of here. I just find it interesting.. and this wouldn't need to be a big trip. As long as I could check out a UFO museum and take a picture in front of the Roswell, New Mexico city sign, I would be happy!


  1. Many of these are also on my list - Paris, Italy, Greece (those little islands! all the ruins!), NYC, California, British Columbia, Amsterdam. All the capitals of Europe are on my list, to be honest. And then some more cities. I want to see so much of it it's hard to think about further away places.

  2. So many gorgeous places! I went to Eiffel Tower when I was in high school, and will never forget seeing it all lit up at night -so beautiful. I would love to see British Columbia too, and the sea side and buildings in Greece.

  3. My dad is from India. It's definitely expensive to go. Personally I don't like it there but my mom loves it! It'll definitely be the most different place you visit.

  4. I have been to a few of those places and I am currently living in Nova Scotia which is so beautiful. I think you have a great bucketlist of places to see. Plenty of time to see them all.

  5. oh dear!!!
    I'm so up for this all! Only have seen Paris, bit of Amsterdam and Italy!
    But Africa has always been my dream nr. 1 !!! Geeez ! Let me know when ya going, - I must join you!!! :)

  6. You missed New Brunswick for the East Coast and I can tell you its a place you really need to visit. Personally I think it puts the others to shame with its rugged sea coast, rolling hills and quaint villages. AT least take a drive along the Bay of Fundy.

  7. but I do so enjoy your blog and I should have started with that.



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