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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life has been pretty hectic around these parts the last few days and I thought I would just take this opportunity to post a little life update.
First off, can we talk about the freezing cold weather in these parts in the last week? Winter is definitely coming sooner then I had hoped, and they are actually calling for snow flurries tomorrow.. eek. I want to move South the second I hear that, every single year!

As I mentioned in my last post, my poor cat, Crawaly, has been sick lately and not eating. Her blood work came back completely fine which is awesome, but confusing, because she still refuses to eat most times. She did eat tonight, so I am hoping that the medication the vet gave us for inflammation is working, but I'm still worried about my girl because she has lost quite a bit of weight and it's so frustrating when she won't eat.
At least her love of pens has made giving her medication easy peasy! I thought it was going to be quite the fight to get her to take a syringe full of medication, but it must not taste too bad because as soon as it gets close to her she tries to bite it, and once it's there it's done. I've had much experience giving medication to cats, and it has never been this easy! She is definitely a good patient.

As well, I found out about changes at work - good changes. I have been working on a department that I have no previous knowledge in, and while I love my job, I have been feeling a bit like a fish out of water some days. With this change, I will be working on departments that I have knowledge in so I'm happy. My days at work will, likely, go even smoother then normal.

We've also corrected our squirrel problem. If you missed my last mention of it, we had some squirrels inhabiting the roof of our front porch, which we discovered pretty quickly after moving in. My husband opened up that end of the porch and we realized just how much damaged had been done. Poor hubby had to completely rebuild the end of the porch after jacking it up but it looks a million times better and no squirrels can get in there now for the winter! Another thing crossed off my October goals list.
And.. I am starting to plan our Christmas gifts this year. I have made a point every year to start early and for some reason we are always still running around the week before Christmas trying to find a gift for someone. This year, it will be done by the end of November - I hope.


  1. aww hope your cat feels better soon. so weird when they start acting differently, but at least she is being a good patient. and i am hoping to start early on christmas shopping too! i'm also running around the last week and it drives me nuts.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

    1. Thank you - she is definitely a good patient, it's just so frustrating when you put the food down and she turns her nose up at it. I feel like there is something more going on and not being able to figure it out and find ways to help her is the most frustrating part! I have about 40 cans of various brands/kinds to try out on her and I'm keeping track of which kinds she eats and which ones she won't bother with.. hoping she might just be a bit picky all of a sudden!

      I always try so hard to get my christmas shopping done early, but it never seems to work out that way. I am determined this year though!

  2. I cleaned snow off my car this morning. Darn Canadian weather! haha.
    sorry to hear about your cat, I hope she continues to improve! I've had my cat be sick before and Its always sad to think that they can't tell us whats wrong, even though we could probably fix it so easily if they could!

    1. Haha, true! I remember so many Halloween nights when I was little where we had to wear snowsuits underneath our costumes and it was snowing badly out. Good ole Canada! :) We didn't get snow today, only rain, but about 30 minutes North of us had snow instead of rain, so it's definitely coming soon!

      It is very frustrating - there is nothing the vet can find wrong with her which makes it so frustrating. It could still be her jaw, but we are waiting a week to see if we should go ahead and have x-rays done.. it could also her just being picky! I'm not sure at this point, because I tried another new can of food tonight and she went crazy for it..



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