A Weekend Vet Trip

Monday, October 28, 2013

My poor little Crawaly has not been herself the past the week or so, and I was really beginning to get worried. She has always been a picky eater but I noticed that she just wasn't eating, hardly at all. Maybe a bite or two a day and that's it. Some days she wouldn't eat anything, except for a couple treats - she never turned her treats down, not once.
She was acting totally normal, which was odd - she was her usual ball of energy and continued to follow me from room to room. It was all very confusing, but I contacted the vet to make an appointment after watching her actually try to eat one night and heard a strange clicking noise from her jaw. I thought that was the problem.
I took her to the vet on Saturday, which was a challenge. My poor girl has always hated change, hated the cat carrier, hated strange people and hated being in the car. She almost goes into a state of shock in the cat carrier, which is why I had hoped I could have avoided a vet trip, but I was so worried that I had no choice. She was shaking non-stop and her heart was racing when we made our way to the vets office.
They looked at her mouth and jaw - she does have a bad tooth, but the vet says she doesn't think that would cause her not to eat because she has seen far worse in cats that will still eat. She couldn't feel any broken bones or fractures in her jaw, although her bottom jaw is loose and moves from side to side much more easily then it should.
We had blood work done, which may possibly tell us if there is something more going on with her. We will have those results sometime today, and in the meantime, she has been given pain medication in case her issue is pain, and I went out yesterday and bought about 30 different brands and kinds of food - hoping that there might be something she would eat.
Yesterday morning, she had no interest at all in the first can I opened and wouldn't touch it - even though she appears to be hungry by licking her lips and smelling it, but won't eat. Tonight though, she actually ate about half of her food which is more then she has eaten all week.

These cats are like my children, and while I know that, eventually, the time will come and as they are 10 years old now, I doubt they will outlive me. But, it still hurts so much to see her hurting.

Here is to hoping her results show nothing and she is just being a finicky cat!



  1. I hope your kitty feels better! It is soooo sad when pets are not feeling well or are hurt. The worst part is, they cant tell us what is going on so it becomes a guessing game!



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