Saturday Letters

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dear House - Less than a week until we have the keys and you are officially ours! I can't wait and am so stressed, nervous, excited... So much do in this last week to get ready! We need to buy a barbecue, pick out a new sofa and arrange delivery, sign the lawyer papers, and make a biggggg withdrawal from our savings account!

Dear Husband - thank you for putting up with me the last few weeks, we have both been on stress overload but we haven't taken it out on each other and I love you even more for it.

Dear Cable Company - No means no. We no longer want your services, now that we have the option to switch back to satellite television! More channels and time shift channels included for the same price? Sorry, you can't sway us back no matter how pushy or annoying you are!

Dear Aunt Flo - I know it's due to stress, but thank you for deciding to arrive late and stress me out even more, it's appreciated.

Dear Vacation - 6 days until you are here too! I am so glad I decided to book the week off after our move to allow us to get all unpacked and organized in our new home. I am sad that this is the last of my vacation for the year, however.

Dear Desktop Computer - I know that you are overworked and exhausted, but please don't crash just yet! I still need to find the time to back up some stuff, thanks!


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