Links I Love - Weekend Edition

Friday, January 24, 2014

To say that I am happy this work week is over would be an understatement. This week has been insane, crazy and absolutely exhausting! Since the news about our work, we are now down to a team of 2 people in my department - me and 1 other person. We were having a tough enough time keeping up with 4, but now that there is only 2 of us doing all, if not more, work to prepare for the 'transition' in June.. well, we are both going to be so burnt out by the time our lay off is here. I really am going to plan on just enjoying my summer before I look into the next chapter!
Yeah, this was me at about 4:29pm today when I knew the weekend was here -
Anyway, I'm relaxing after my long week and wanted to share some links that I am loving:
  • Ashley shared this awesome Sweet Potato Crust Pizza recipe that I can't wait to try. Everyone knows how much I love my pizza so I am loving this recipe!
  • Stephanie shared 10 Best Ways to Avoid People and I must say - I do a lot of these things, not always to avoid people, but I do tend to do my blogging, online shopping, and catching up on netflix to avoid going out at times.


  1. wish I could be the same but sadly I was off today and work another 3 days til i'm off again

    1. Aww, but I know your pain! This has been the first position where I have had day shift and weekends off. I remember my job before this one - I had to work until 3am, every holiday, and I had Tuesdays and Thursdays off every week. But hopefully you enjoyed your day off today!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pizza recipe!

  3. ah work sounds soooo stressful ugh. hope you can hang in their til the lay-off and not go too crazy!
    -- jackie - jade and oak



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