November Goals Recap

Monday, December 2, 2013

It's December already?

Wow, does time go by quickly when you aren't looking or thinking about it.

I really didn't do so well on my November goals, but this has been an insane month. I've felt overworked, exhausted and run down, so, I didn't really expect to get much done after the midway point of the month.

November Goals Recap

#1. Have all my Christmas shopping done by the end of November.
I am sick and tired of rushing around the week before Christmas to purchase an outstanding gift for someone. I plan on doing most of my shopping online this year anyway, since I hate to shop, and because of shipping times to Canada it better be done by the end of November regardless but we will see!  
I managed to get this done pretty early in the month, and all presents are wrapped and ready to go! :) I love wrapping presents -- a lot of these are several items that could have fit into one bag or box, but I wrap them separately because as a kid, the most exciting part of Christmas to me, was ripping open a nicely wrapped present!

Want proof?
Here is what our cabinet looks like:

#2. Learn how to use the snowblower.
I attempted this before, when I was about 16 and I didn't even have enough strength to push the darn thing. This year, I want to learn how to actually use it - it might not be easy, but I like to know that I could do things on my own if need be. 
I didn't accomplish this, which is actually a good thing - we only had one big snowfall so far, and while we were at work, our neighbours shoveled our entire driveway!

#3. Read 2 new books.
I would really like to get back into reading. I used to love to read but find it hard to find any spare time anymore. I would like to read 5 this month, but let's try to make this absolutely do-able with 2.
A non-accomplishment as well. I didn't really have much spare time this month to catch up on a good book, and I don't even have any on my list -- any one have any recommendations?

#4. Revamp my Facebook page.
Let's face it, I suck at updating my Facebook page. I have definitely let it slide and my likes are decreasing, which is no wonder why. I would really like to rebrand it and update on a steady basis this month.
I can mark this as accomplished, because it is in the works. I am having my facebook page redesigned, and I have also started posting a bit more. 

#5. Organize my clothes.
We only moved in 2 months ago and already my clothes are all over the place and not in any type of order or organization which drives me crazy when I am rushing around in the morning trying to find something to wear to work. I would always like to go through my clothes again and donate whatever no longer fits (should have done more of this before we moved, but oh well!)
It took several days, but all my clothes are pretty much in order. I have 2 large garbage bags of clothing that no longer fits, that will be donated this week. It's nice to be able to find things to wear easier in the morning, that's for sure!

My December goals will be posted tomorrow!

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  1. Nice job! That is so nice of your neighbors to have shoveled for you, how sweet!



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