Christmas Recap

Friday, December 27, 2013

I finally have a moment to finish up my Christmas recap post! I didn't take too many pictures this year, as I really wanted to try and just enjoy myself surrounded by family. Overall, it was a great holiday and I'm very blessed to have the people I do in my life.

I had to work until 4:30pm on Christmas Eve, so as soon as I was done work, we packed up and headed to my in-law's to spend the night and Christmas Day there. Before we left though, we stopped at the vet to pick up Crawaly's remains - we had her cremated and a beautiful hinged frame. One side has her photo with the ashes behind it, and the other side is a clay imprint of her paw. I was interested in to see it as my baby girl had extra toes and there it was - a paw print as big as my hand, almost! We had dinner and chatted a bit before heading to bed fairly early on Christmas Eve.

I must have been excited because I was up at 4:30am and had to wait until 8:30 to start the Christmas festivities! 

My husband got me the sweetest gift I could have ever imagined - a sweater with a photo of Crawaly on it. He spelled her name differently then I do, but it doesn't matter. I started to tear up, and he was worried that I wouldn't be okay with it, or it would upset me, but I LOVED it and will wear it around the house all the time. Guaranteed.

I was also spoiled with an iphone 5, la senza gift card, pajamas, a new bath robe, a camera bag, season 1 of Castle on DVD and a gift card to my salon! Overall, I am much too spoiled and I had thought my husband wouldn't buy me anything this year, like I asked, but nope. 

Overall, everyone enjoyed our gifts so I think we did pretty good on our gift giving this year. Next year, we won't be able to spend as much, but hopefully it is the thought that still counts.

We celebrated with my husband's family and had an amazing dinner! 

Boxing Day we spent most of the day with my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew. We decided that next year we will be spending Christmas morning together with them in our home and then heading up to my in-law's house. This way we will get to see both families in the same day, since really, our side of the family hasn't been the same since my parents have passed. We ALWAYS used to spend half of Christmas Day at my parents house - it meant 2 meals, but we made it work! Next year, we will be re-starting that tradition with my brother and his family, at our place, which will be wonderful.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and spent lots of time with the people they love.


  1. That sweater is the cutest thing ever!!!!

  2. I'm glad you had a great Christmas!! It sounds like your husband really spoiled you! :)

  3. i had to work on christmas eve too- not fair! but looks like you had a phenomenal christmas!!

  4. sounds like you had a great Christmas. and that sweater with crawaly on it is such a sweet gift!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak



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