2013 - A Year in Review

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 was quite the year for our family! I wasn't too optimistic after 2012, but overall, 2013 was a pretty good year (even if we ended on a sad note).
I may have started this blog in 2012, but I didn't consistently blog until June 2013 and even then, it wasn't really until August that I was truly consistent. So, in 5 months this little slice of blog space has grown quite a bit, I have met so many amazing people and shared some amazing and difficult moments here. I want to thank all my fellow bloggers and readers for allowing me to share my life here.. the good moments, the bad moments, and the ugly moments.
So, 2013 - not much really happened until April rolled around so let's just jump right in.
April 2013
On April 2nd my parents house was sold and the new owners took possession. This day was very bittersweet as it had been my childhood home for 18 years. I took my first steps in that house, had 18 birthday parties in that house, had a tree fort in the back woods still and had so many amazing family dinners and moments there. It was hard to let it go, but it definitely helped in the healing process and was somewhat of a relief at the same time. On April 20th, my husband and I were married. This was also a bittersweet day as well, knowing that my parents weren't there physically to share it with us, but I married the man of my dreams and my best friend in the entire world. The day could have only been more perfect if they were there. We also went on our honeymoon to Montreal and Quebec City in April. I also celebrated my 27th birthday, but that wasn't even important enough to blog about!

June 2013
I received a work promotion and am still in this role. I am loving my job now, not dreading it like I was before. My new role suites me perfectly and the slight pay raise was very helpful at the start of our married journey!

July 2013
In July, we began house hunting and within a few weeks, found our dream house! The paperwork and home buying process was a real headache, but in the end, it was all worth it and we are loving our new home. After spending the first 5 years together in an apartment, it was nice to finally have our own space. I also took the plunge and had a boudoir photoshoot done - a longtime goal of mine!

August 2013
We took possession of our new home at the end of August! This month also included what would have been the celebration of my mom's birthday and a pretty drastic, for me, hair change for the next chapter of my life.

September 2013
We celebrated our dating anniversary of 6 years together, and on the same date, 5 years of sobriety for my husband! You have no idea how proud I am of him for this each and every day. I also wrote here about how we spent our anniversary weekend.

October 2013
In October, we celebrated my Dad's birthday for the first time without him. And, in a sweet twist of fate, my little nephew was born on that same day!

November 2013
November was fairly quiet in our household, although I assume I was feeling pretty nostalgic with the holidays coming up since I posted about 10 things my Dad has taught me and a look back at my childhood.

December 2013
December was a rough month. We had to say goodbye to our baby girl Crawaly, who meant the world to me. I didn't think about it at the time, but my sister in law had mentioned that I have lost someone or something I care about for the last 3 Christmases. It's sad, but true. Christmas 2011 my mom was sick, we didn't know how sick, but we all knew at that time that something was wrong (she passed a few weeks later on January 14th 2013). Christmas 2012 my dad had just passed away on November 8th, and this year, my baby girl was put to sleep on December 16th 2013. 
I can only try and look forward and hope that 2014 will be an amazing year. And, a lot of good things did happen this year, things that I don't want to forget by letting the bad overshadow them. I am truly thankful for the amazing people in my life, and my wonderful support system - I don't know where I would be without my friends and family. Positive vibes all the way for 2014!


  1. wow you had quite the year. marriage, a new promotion, house stuff- wow!!!

  2. Quite the year indeed! I'm so sorry about your girl. Ours died back in august 2012 and it was awful. :(

    Hope you have a wonderful 2014



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