November 2013 Ipsy Bag

Friday, November 15, 2013

After being a little unimpressed with last month's Ipsy Bag - they really knocked it out of the park with November's! It arrived super early this month and I was excited to see 6 products, instead of the usual 5; this was a very nice bonus!
Full Size - $25.01 CAD
Value Received - $8.00
I have such a fair complexion that any time I have used bronzer I always looked ridiculous. I haven't tried this stuff yet, but it looks like it might be too dark for me. Regardless, I will try it out and if it works out, I might just have to buy the next shade lighter! Ipsy has introduced me to this brand before, and I really do like their products so I was over the moon to see a Pixi product in my bag again this month.
Full Size - $0.98 single eyeshadow in palette
Value Received - $0.98
This sample is only available in palettes, not individually so it was hard to gauge the value. I first opened this up and was stunned by the colour, it's just odd. It goes on very blue and smudges horribly. An interesting product, but not something I would try again!

Full Size - $13.00
Value Received - $13.00
This is a full sized product, but I don't know how many times I need to specify to Ipsy that I don't wear nail polish! My nails are terrible and I have never worn nail polish in my entire life.. I might be one of the only women in the world that can state that, but it's true. It seems like a nice product, and the colour would be nice for the holidays as it looks more like a sparkly silver, instead of gunmetal grey like it is described. Still, no nail polish, Ipsy! This is twice in a row now.

Full Size - $20.00
Value Received - $5.00
I can't locate the actual size of the full size compared to the sample, so I am guessing that the sample is about 1/4 of what the full size would be. This mascara boasts dramatic volume and waterproof. It is definitely waterproof and does provide volume. I've used better mascara, but this is a good product and I'm happy I was able to give is a try! I love mascara samples in beauty boxes, I very rarely have to buy any myself anymore and I do always use them until the end.

Full Size - $14.00
Value Received - $14.00
This colour is not something that I ever would have chosen for myself, but I actually like it. It's very bright and bold, which is not something I would normally where. I'll have to find a place to wear this to, but I really like the product itself; it goes on smooth and lasts.

Full Size - $14.00
Value Received - $14.00
I was a little worried when I saw the colour was 'Topaz' but when I opened it up, it's actually more of a glittery silver colour (would have matched the nail polish I received perfectly, haha!) and while I never thought I would wear it, it actually makes a nice highlighter in the corner of your eye. The eyeliner does smudge quite a bit more then I would like, though.

Overall, I am impressed with this month's bag. 6 total products instead of the normal 5, and of the 6 there were 3 products that were full size.
Total Value of Products Received: $54.98
Total Cost of Ipsy Bag: $15.84 (it costs me more, I'm Canadian!)

What did you receive in this month's Ipsy Bag?

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  1. I have heard a lot of good things for this box, I gotta get on it!!



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