How Did We Spend Our Anniversary Weekend? Hockey, Hockey and More Hockey!

Monday, September 16, 2013

 How did we spend our anniversary weekend? Why at a Hockey game, of course! This is so us, that it's crazy.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here before but a local town here, Stirling, won Kraft Hockeyville and was hosting an exhibition game between the Washington Capitals and the Winnipeg Jets. The game was to be held in our city, since our arena was bigger, but the tickets were reserved for residents of Stirling only. Now, Barry and I are huge hockey people and he has been trying to find tickets anywhere and everywhere. Which is hard, because since the tickets were free in Stirling, they weren't allowed to be sold. As it turns out, just this week, a guy he works with son had a pair of tickets and couldn't go because he had a wedding to go to this weekend. Score for us! We were given the 2 tickets and were 3 rows up from the glass.

But, that's not all. Earlier in the day, both teams arrived and signed autographs outside the arena and then we were able to watch both team's practice. I really enjoyed myself, and I know that Barry was just in his idea of heaven!

The most exciting part, for both us, I think, was meeting Alexander Ovechkin, captain of the Washington Capitals. One of the most amazing hockey players right now... 
In 2008, 22 year old Alexander Ovechkin signed a 13-year $124 million contract extension with the Washington Capitals. His annual salary is $9 million.

Yeah, the fact that we were thisclose to this person is amazing. Barry got him to sign his coat and when he said, 'Ovechkin you're the best!' He responded with, 'Yep.' Nothing like a big headed multi-million dollar hockey player, huh?

Now, I know most people won't be interested in a thousand pictures of hockey players and a hockey game, so here are just a few (and yes, I took over a thousand photos yesterday!):


  1. glad you had a good anniversary... ps, that suit in the last pic is out of control!

  2. looks like a perfect anniversary celebration! and all those hockey players aren't bad to look at either! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. If hockey is your thing then it does sound like a great anniversary!

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