Sunday Social - Week 62

Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's that time of the week again - Sunday Social time!

1. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?
So many things.. First was a singer, which I think almost anyone dreams about at some point. Unfortunately, I realized quickly that I didn't have neither the personality or the voice! Next was a veterinarian, and as much as I love animals, I don't think I would have the emotional strength needed to work in that field. Then, it was a journalist. I wanted to work for a major newspaper writing all the breaking headlines!

2. What was your favorite way to kill time as a kid?
Riding my bike. One of the perks of living out in the country was being free to ride and play outside to my hearts content. My best friend lived about 1-2 kilometres away, so we would usually either be biking from one of our houses to the other.. Or, biking into town once we were a bit older.

3. When did you get your first cell phone?
I was 12, and back then I was one of the first of my friends to have one, which I thought made me awesome.. It was a big clunky thing, but I thought I was so cool.

4. What is your favorite magazine to read?
I still love reading People magazine, mainly because my husband is able to snatch them up from women that he works with, but its nice sometimes to keep up with celebrity gossip.

5. What is the one random object people would be surprised to find in your purse?
Hmmm... I am not sure what would be more surprising, the fact that I always carry 3 or more lip balms or a total of 2 notebooks and 1 day planner. A lot of things usually end up finding their way into my purse, my husband always jokes that I am going to have shoulder problems because there is so much stuff in there! But, I like to be prepared.

Sunday Social


  1. I love People magazine too! It's definitely one I always check out if I'm in a doctor's office or somewhere where they have magazines to look at. Plus my mom brings home old ones from the office she works at.


    1. Haha, that's exactly how I keep up with People magazine too.. my husband always brings them home from work (the ladies there will leave them on the common table and he'll snatch 'em up for me!)

  2. You had me at that cute picture of those puppies and kittens. My husband calls my purse a saddle bag and now knows I wont even look at it unless it is the size of a "suitcase" as he calls it!

    1. They are adorable! :)

      Mine has called mine my saddle bag as well, he also refers to it as a suitcase and whenever I ask him to hold it for a second, he always has to make a comment like, "How can you have that thing on your shoulder?" But, I have to be prepared.. and it's funny how a lot of his things end up in my 'suitcase' because he has nowhere to put stuff, haha!

  3. I loved riding my bike when I was a kid too.

    1. I don't think I realized at the time how freeing it was.. now, living in a city and never riding a bike, it's one of things you miss and feel nostalgic over every once in a while, that's for sure!

  4. sometimes I think being a vet would be cool, but definitely agree that I don't have the strength for it either!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak



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