Oh, boys and their toys!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I love my husband, I really do, but his interest in boats truly baffles me!

I had to work until 5:30pm Friday night and when I checked my phone at 4:30pm from my desk, I noticed a text from my husband wanting to go to a boat festival that night, which was 1 hour away. I think people could hear me groan from 2 rows of desks away, but, being the supportive and good wife that I am.. off we went to see some racing boats! I will never understand the whole boat thing, but I don't expect him to understand why I enjoy making jewellery or blogging either, so we must comprise sometimes.

Anyway, it was actually fun! We walked around for a bit looking at all of the boats on display (they were racing today, but for some reason, he wanted to see them up close and not actually race), walked around by the boardwalk, he talked about someday owning a boat (obviously, not one like this, unless of course we win a huge lottery.. then he can have one of these multi million dollar boats!) and I loved seeing him so happy. His eyes were lit up like a 5 year old in a toy store!

So, last night was his night and today is mine. I spent the day doing 3 online exams for my Office Administration courses through my college, and now it is relaxing time! I haven't truly felt like I could relax for weeks so I am just going to enjoy today.. sip my coffee, catch up on some blogs and television shows that I have recorded, and RELAX! Just reading that word makes me relax a bit. And I know with the move coming in 20 days now (eek!) it might be one of my last chances to relax.

In other news though, I have finally decided how I wanted to cut my hair. It has always been the same - straight, fine and long - it has never been cut any shorter then about 6-7 inches PAST my shoulder!

And these are my inspiration pictures for my new haircut (coming next weekend) courtesy of Pretty Little Liars the tv show. I have been wanting to do something different for a while now, and this is it. I am very excited for a change!

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