Taking a Break

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Clearly, I am taking a much needed blogging break.
I haven't post much in the past few weeks, and there are many reasons for that.
  • I was sick for over a week and had a cancer scare - which literally took the urge to share anything about my life right out from under me. Luckily, my test results came back with good news, but I was sick for a week after a bad reaction to antibiotics I was prescribed.
  • I have been preparing for craft shows - this will be my first year of doing craft shows, and I am doing everything I possibly can do to be prepared and making tons of products to be ready when the time comes. My first show is at the end of March, and depending on if my applications are accepted for the rest, I may be doing over 14 shows this year!
  • And, honestly, I just don't have the urge to blog like I used to. It's sad, since I love the blogging community so much, and enjoy reading others blogs and interacting with amazing people.
This break will not last very long, and I will continue to post occasionally during my 'break time' whenever time allows me to do so, but right now, my priorities are different and I just can't find the time to blog interesting posts or content. Because of that, a break is definitely necessary!


  1. So glad your scare was only a scare. We all seem to be needing a break lately, myself included. I took a week off and haven't been posting as much since I've been back. I'm proud of us for knowing what we need and for being ok with taking a step back. We're not going anywhere so do what you need to do. XO

  2. sorry you had a scare like that. No wonder you want to take a break and get away from things. You relax hun. Take some "YOU" time and enjoy it. I'm glad you got good news. sorry you were sick though. Hope you get to feeling better soon. will miss you.

  3. so scary about your health and hope that you get all better asap. and sometimes we all need breaks. that's the nice thing about blogging - it can be there for us when we have the urge to share. but we can also take breaks when we need to. good luck with the craft shows - such an awesome opportunity!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  4. Enjoy your break and the craft shows! I wish you lots of success!



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