Grieving + Winter Weather

Friday, December 20, 2013

First, thank you to everyone who has commented on my posts the last week. It's been an awful time, and I am still grieving the loss of my cat but am attempting to channel my feelings of frustration, anger and sadness into creating. I've allowed myself to grieve and now I just want to move on.. But, I truly thank you all for your comments, thoughts and encouragement this past week. It has helped more than you could every know!
I still miss her every day. These moments are the hardest:
Putting my make up on in the morning.
I have a make up table and mirror set that my husband bought for me when we moved in. Crawaly would always sit at the doorway and watch me put my make up on - every single morning.
Tying my shoe laces.
She had an obsession with strings, rope or anything that dangled. She would always be at my feet whenever I put my boots on, trying to play with the shoe laces and driving me crazy!
Making Jewellery.
It comes back to the string obsession, but she would sit for hours and watch me make jewellery. She loved it, and never tired of it - that's why I also called her my little helper. She loved watching me wrap wire, her eyes would just light up. She wasn't allowed in my studio, unless I was working in there and could keep an eye on her, but I know she loved it.
Our other cat, Cleatus, is definitely depressed without her partner in crime, too. They never really got along and fought quite a bit, but they were sisters. They had been together almost their entire lives and I know Cleatus misses her, too. We are trying to baby her as much as possible. And one thing I have noticed, that is cute and sad all at the same time, every day this week all of Crawaly's favourite toys have been taken out of the 'toy box' and are scattered around the floor. It's like Cleatus is pulling them all out and leaving them everywhere hoping Crawaly will come out and play.

Onto something else - what is with Winter this year? It's not even officially Winter yet and we are dealing with more snow already then the entire season last year! And we are now in for an entire weekend full of freezing rain. This is the lovely view from our side window:

I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging next week. I haven't been on the computer much at all this week and have just been spending my time relaxing and clearing my head! I am very ready to have some time off work next week and spend some time with family.



  1. Crazy weather isn't it. I swear we have shoveled four times already today and there is no sign that it is going to stop. I am so over snow. Praying the freezing rain misses us.

  2. Aww Cleatus pulling out the toys makes me tear up. <3

  3. I am just finding you blog so I had no idea you lost your cat. I just put a post up today about 5 Things My Dog Has Taught Me. I talk about how I don't know what I would do if I lost her. I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I can't even imagine.



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