Weekend Recap

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This weekend was a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! Lots of time spent with family and friends, good eating and lots of work accomplished.
Friday - This was my day to relax and catch up on things I've been wanting to do for weeks or months, even. I didn't get nearly enough accomplished as I wanted to, but I did enjoy just relaxing and having an entire day to myself. I worked on a lot of photos for my Etsy shop, although I'm still working on uploading, cataloging and organizing everything - let alone editing! I also didn't accomplish near what I wanted to on blog related to do tasks. But, all in all, this was a very much needed relaxing day to just have 'me' time.
Saturday - This was our day to catch up on errands and appointments. I had an appointment in the morning to have my hair done, then some major grocery shopping and a hockey game that night, as per our usual 'date night' weekly ritual. It was an exciting game, and our team actually won! 

Sunday - We celebrated Thanksgiving on this day as we headed out to my in-law's for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner filled with so much turkey with all the trimmings that nobody could even move after dinner! We were also pleasantly surprised by my husband's son, his girlfriend and their 2 month old daughter joining us - seriously, how cute is she? 
Hard to believe that I am a 'step-grandmother' at age 27, but she's so precious, I don't care how that sounds to some people!
Here are some of my other favourite photos from this weekend:

Monday - We worked on house projects. My brother came over to help with our rain gutter problem, but upon removing the gutters, we realized the whole side of the porch is rotted through and filled with debris (thanks to the squirrels that were inhabiting our front porch)! We are in for a lot of work this week regarding this, but we knew when we purchased the house 3 months ago that the porch was going to need some major work - we just didn't realize how soon it was needed, and just how major it was. It doesn't help that it is now supposed to rain 3 days straight this week, and no stores were open on Monday! But, it needs to be done.

All in all, we had a very active and good Thanksgiving long weekend. It was full of laughter, memories and good company & food! Now, it's back to work!



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