Saturday Spotlight: Back East Blonde

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welcome to my first edition of a new feature - Saturday Spotlight! Each week I will feature a blog that I truly love or have recently discovered, along with a few of my favourite posts. I am hoping this will introduce people to new blogs that they may not have found otherwise.

So, for my first edition, my feature is one of my current favourite blogs to read - Nadine from Back East Blonde. I am currently sponsoring Nadine's blog this month as I am such a fan! I love reading almost everything she writes. Her style of writing is exactly where I hope my blog to be someday.

Nadine comes across as very real, and funny - which I am loving in a blog right now!
Some of my favourite posts are:



  1. I love posts like this! It's how I've found some of my favorite blogs. I'm looking forward to seeing other people that you share !

  2. hey girl. hope to hear from you soon. its been quite a while.



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