October Goals

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I can't believe October is here already. Before you know it, we'll be in the middle of a blizzard -- ugh, that can wait! Fall and Spring are by far my two favourite seasons, especially here in Canada, and for some reason they seem to be the shortest. It's either so hot and humid you can't breathe or it's freezing rain with 4 feet of snow. So yes, I much prefer the shorter seasons of Spring and Fall.
What am I excited about this October?
A few things:
October 14th - Canadian Thanksgiving. This was always a such a big deal at my parents house -- one of the few times my entire family sat down at a table and ate a meal together. And my, was my Mom the best cook in the world. I can't hold a candle to her, but, we will definitely be going to my in-law's this weekend to celebrate in the same way.
October 18th - This would have been my Dad's 61st birthday. I can still remember his big 60th party at a restaurant with all his family around. It was a blast, and the last real celebration we had with him. It will be a tough day, but I plan on doing my best to CELEBRATE that day!
October 30th - My sister in law's due date. I don't know that my new little nephew will wait that long, but we will see. She is scheduled for a c-section this day, so unless he makes an earlier arrival, I will be meeting little Jackson this day.
October 31st - Halloween, who doesn't love Halloween? Now that we have a house, it is a must that we decorate and hand out Halloween candy this year. It will be a way to meet some of the neighbours and lots of fun. I'm not sure if we will be dressing up, but the candy is for sure.
Now, I've thought a lot about my October goals and since I've never truly done this before I thought it might be fun!

#1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
I'm not the healthiest person in the world, and I don't eat properly. I really need to work on this and what better time then my favourite season? I'm hoping to have at LEAST one serving of fruits or vegetables a day. Yes, that's not a lot for some people, but I can sometimes go weeks without eating any fruits or veggies. 

#2. Photograph and list all my currently made pieces in my shop.
I have everything catalogued and organized, but I haven't been able to set time aside to photograph all of my jewellery. Should be much easier to do now that I have my new camera, but I would really like to get this accomplished this month. Only about 300 pieces of jewellery, 5 shots each ... Yeah, it's a lot of work and will take a lot of time, but it needs to get done.

#3. Fix our squirrel problem.
Yes, we have a squirrel problem. They are making themselves at home in the roof of our front porch. We've tried patching up the holes, but they still have found another way in. The front port also attaches to the wall in my office so at random times throughout the day, I can hear them in there just working away. I love all animals, but these guys are just taunting us at this point! The other day, I pulled into the driveway after work and there were 6 (yes, 6!) squirrels sitting up on the front porch cracking nuts all over the porch in front of our main door. We need to fix this completely before Winter or they will destroy our porch.

#4. Revamp my Sponsor Options.
My blog is growing pretty rapidly and I really want to revamp my sponsor options. Just things like renaming the spots to make them more interesting, and list everything that is included with each spot. I would really like to begin getting more organized with my sponsorship program.

#5. Make 5 recipes that I've been storing to try on Pinterest.

What are some of your October goals? And if you did September goals, how did you do?



  1. Great goals! I love finding recipes to try off of Pinterest :) and Fall is the perfect time to give them all a try!

  2. I definitely need to get going on my Pinterest recipes as well!! :) Happy October!



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