30 Random Facts About Me

Thursday, October 24, 2013

1. I became a wife on April 20th and married my best friend. Barry and I have been together for 6 years as of this past September.

2. I hate driving! Canadian winter driving? Even worse.

3. I am the youngest child of 3 and the only girl.

4. I have two 9 year old cats named Cleatus and Crawal. They are both girls, however, when I first brought Cleatus home I thought she was a he, which is where the name came about. 

5. I always sing in the shower, even though I sound terrible.

6. When I was very young I wanted to become a veterinarian and in high school I wanted to become a journalist. Neither of those panned out, so I am now a Graphic Designer and Jewellery Designer and Administration at a Fortune 500 company.

7. My hair is naturally VERY light blonde, however it has now been dyed so many times that I couldn't say what my natural colour is now!

8. In high school I was voted as Most Shy, which I remember thinking I was just happy people actually knew who I was! I had a very small close group of friends in high school, and that was it. Sadly, I don't keep in touch with any of them anymore; we all lost touch over the years.

9. There is an 17 year age difference between my husband and I. This doesn't bother either of us in the slightest, but it is kind of funny when I am carded at the casino. (I am 27 and he is 44).

10. I like clothes but do not consider myself fashionable in the least!

11. My favourite colour is pink. And my least favourite is orange.

12. I am obsessed with lip balm!

13. We do our weekly grocery shopping from flyers only. This method works for us and I *think* saves us both time and money when doing our shopping.

14. I drive a 2006 Jeep Liberty that I love more then words, especially in our brutal Canadian winters. I don't think I would ever buy something that wasn't a 4x4 now.

15. I love my Tim Hortons coffee! It's a habit that I am trying to kick and cut back on!

16. Speaking of habits, I have a nervous habit of both biting and picking my fingernails. My hands look truly awful and are embarrassing!

17. My two cats are my world, as mentioned above but one more fact.. I am allergic to cats as well, which can be awful some days but there is no way I would EVER give them up!

18. I once dyed my hair with black spray paint when a boy in the 7th grade told me I should. I thought I was something, haha, and it took years to repair my poor hair!

19. My prize furniture piece is a large oak cabinet that my Dad built a few years ago. Always reminds me of him and makes me smile.

20. I have to sleep under the covers. It drives me crazy if they are crooked or my feet are sticking out.. I am very neurotic about this.

21. It takes me a while to warm up to people and I don't trust easily. But, once you have my trust and friendship, you have it for life and I would do everything for you. I have too many toxic friendships in my life to know this.

22. I am very open minded and make it a point not to judge people.

23. The Vampire Diaries is my current favourite TV show, but I really disliked the books in comparison.

24. When I go to bed at night I always have the TV timer on, and usually I have my discs of Friends on. I think I could act out every episode if I really tried.

25. I was suspended from school in 8th grade for having a small bottle of alcohol and pretending that I was drunk. Not fun, and the first time I really got into trouble of any kind. I was suspended for 3 days and my birthday was that weekend; my parents were still nice enough to give me a cake but my party was definitely cancelled that year! I look back now and laugh at how dumb I was!

26. I usually have very vivid dreams at night. Most of the time I don't remember what they were but sometimes it will hit me throughout the day and I can hardly make sense of it they are so strange, but vivid. Almost feels like these things have actually happened!

27. I drink too much Coke Cola.

28. I really need to work out more then I do. This is something I have never really done, but would like to work at. I think it would help me feel better, my only problem is motivation and time!

29. My shoes are size 9, which apparently, is rather large compared to most woman I know.

30. Now that we have a house, I am looking forward to buying a dog. I would like something small like a pug or a yorkshire terrier - they are my favourite breeds! Barry, however, would like either a german shepherd or a burmese mountain dog -- we may have a disagreement here.


  1. I am the same way when I go to bed at night. I set my time for 60 minutes and turn on any disk of friends and listen to them while I fall asleep. By far my absolutely favorite show!!

    1. I've found that if I put anything else on, I can't fall asleep .. it could be the worst show in the world or a really awful movie, but if I haven't seen it before, I need to watch it through to the end to find out what happens. That is the perfect thing about Friends, I have seen every episode so many times now I could act it out in my sleep!

  2. I have size 9 feet too, totally normal :) Ugh the covers are probably the one thing I'm the most OCD about. They have to be just perfect.

    1. I always thought it was normal - my mom was a size 9 too, but everyone else looks at me like my feel are gigantic! And yes, OCD is the perfect way to describe it.. one reason why I hate it when my husband goes to bed before me, because when I go in he has the covers sooo messed up that I have to wake him up to remake the bed, haha. I think he's gotten used my habits regarding this, though! Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  3. I love the stories of spray painting your hair and sneaking in alcohol at school! Funny!

    1. Ohh, it was! Maybe not so much at the time, but looking back it was hilarious that I actually had a rebellious stage. I am just thankful it didn't last too long!

  4. "Friends" is the best show ever! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I am FINALLY following your lovely blog!! Just followed you on twitter & bloglovin... and found out you were already following me :)) Loved reading these facts about you!

  6. I love pink, always have chapstick with me, drink way too much Coca Cola and have big feet, too!!



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