Work Promotion, Poop and a Photoshoot

Friday, June 14, 2013

Never thought that title would come about, haha!

As much time and heart that I put into Starletta Designs, it is unfortunately not my main source of income at the moment. I have been working at a major Canadian retailer for a year and a half now as a customer service representative.

I mainly handle email support, but I also deal with telephone support, order processing, help desk and business to business accounts. I have learned a lot here, and it has definitely helped me with my own business goals and ideas, as well. I have met some amazing people and my job is generally a fun place to work.. however, I always felt like I wasn't challenged. Like, it was too easy, sometimes boring.

That has now changed, as I can officially announce that I have been promoted to Knowledge Base Specialist!

This position allows me to work full time hours again, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 but it is definitely more challenging! Oh, and a pay raise.. which I haven't had in years!

I started this position on Monday, and its been great so far! I miss the people I used to work with, as I had quite a few close people there, but the new group seems fantastic so far, too, and I look forward to getting to know them! This position is 8 1/2 hour shifts, which I am working on getting used to again.. My hours were cut back in February when I started doing 5 hour shifts. So, it's a bit of a change and my body just needs to readjust!

In other news, Barry and I went for our post-wedding photo shoot that I finally talked him into doing! Our wedding photos were truly amazing, but due to the weather we really didn't get as many outdoor opportunities as I would have liked! We had a wonderful time and have beautiful weather, which we were lucky as its been raining every other day this week.

But, when we went to leave the beach we were at we noticed something on our vehicles.. Let me start from the beginning... While we were walking out onto the beach we passed 3 guys in their mid 20s who were obviously drunk (and they had a young child with them, I would say he was about 6 or 7) on the boardwalk. As we passed, they were polite and said congratulations and how beautiful we looked. We continued on and shot photos on the beach for about 30 mins.

The beach was secluded, there was no one else there.

So, like I said, we walked back out and noticed something on our vehicles. These guys had trashed our vehicles! We were just in shock and couldn't believe someone would do something like this! Upon inspection our vehicle had sand thrown all over the windshield and poop (yes, I said poop) down the side. We were upset until we saw our photographer's vehicle - they had climbed on her hood and pooped on her windshield, "nicely" framed it with sticks, and peed on her drivers door handle! Honestly, the only thought I can muster up is, wtf? How can someone be so immature and idiotic? If it was actually our wedding night, I would think it was a bad omen.. But at least they did not do any actual damage to the vehicles!

Here are the 2 teasers our photographer has posted on Facebook so far:
by Erin Campbell Photography

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