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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First, a little update.

Barry and I went out last evening with our realtor. Our first time looking at homes in person! It is a little scary, a little nerve wracking but oh so exciting! We both want to purchase our first home sooner rather then later, and honestly can't wait. Though, with that being said, we are going to be extremely cautious  and try to keep ourselves in check throughout this process.

Now, we took a look at 5 houses in our area.. One was in a fantastic neighbourhood but too small, one was very inexpensive but in a poor neighbourhood and needs ALOT of work, the 3rd was in a good neighbourhood but the house seemed to be a little disjointed (like there was a standup shower in the middle of a back room!). The other 2 could be possibilities. 

But, we are taking our time and we will see what happens! We are going to have fun going through this process.


When I arrived home from work, the photobooks I had ordered from MyPublisher were waiting for me! So.. I thought I would provide a little review.

I looked at many options when deciding to create a photobook of our wedding for ourselves and one to give to Barry's parents as a gift, but I decided to go with MyPublisher for several reasons.

First, their software. I love the fact that I didn't need to upload all our photos to their site first. I just had to use their handy software to pull pictures from my computer and then when you are finished designing the book you upload the entire thing to their site (which was pretty quick considering the size and amount of pictures I included). It was very easy to use!

The books were made and shipped very quickly, even when considering they were shipped from the US to Canada. I wish I had taken a picture of the packaging, which was extremely cute and a nice touch -- but, I was too excited to hurry up and rip open the boxes that the thought didn't even cross my mind!

I ordered 2 different type of books -

1) Deluxe Hardcover with Photo Finish, 70 pages
2) Classic Hardcover with Picture Window - Linen - 41 pages

For the Classic Hardover, I added in the feature of lay flat pages, which is awesome!

Overall, I was very impressed with the entire process and the finished process. Both books are wonderful quality, great colour, and great paper. And, it was super fun to use their software to design them!

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