Wedding Recap Part 2

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Here we are with part 2 of our wedding recap.

Again, all photos by Jennifer Ballard.

We left off on portraits. We had these all done before the ceremony and I am so happy that we decided to do that!

First Pic: Barry and his Best Man
Second Pic: Barry and his Dad

First Pic: Barry and his Parents
Second Pic: Me and my Brothers

First Pic: My beautiful Niece, Olivia, photo-bombing her mom & I!
Second Pic: Me and my 2 Sister in Law's (who were my 2 bridesmaids!)

First Pic: Our entire wedding party
Second Pic: Barry's entire immediate family

Really loved my bouquet! Turned out better then I could've pictured.

My bouquet charms that meant the world to me. I found myself looking at them quite a few times throughout the day, and thinking about my Mom & Dad. I really hope in some way they were watching over everyone, and I felt like with the charms, I had a piece of them there with me regardless.

After portraits and as guests were arriving, Barry and I quietly went off to the bridal suite to have more photos taken and take a moment to be alone together.

Some more of our DIY details.

It hurts that my Dad wasn't there to walk me down the aisle -- but my brothers did a wonderful job, and I am so thankful that they were able and willing to do it!

I was so nervous about the ceremony. Not only do I hate being the centre of attention, but I am horrible at public speaking and have an extremely quiet voice. So, I wrote the entire ceremony myself to plan ahead how much I was actually comfortable saying while standing up there in front of all our family and friends. The ceremony went back quick and I know that my nerves disappeared VERY quickly. I remember looking over at Barry and thinking he was going to pass out! I mouthed, 'Are you okay?' and squeezed his hand. He nodded back, but he still looked nervous, pale, shaking.. and he is NOT like that, ever. That took my nerves away -- we couldn't both be up there and be nervous. In the end, it all worked out -- he said later that when he saw my brothers walking me down the aisle, it really hit him all over again about my Mom and Dad.

Remember my dress incident I mentioned in the first post?
It happened again, only this time it was my poor sister in law!
If you notice the background, but luckily I am blocking her here.

Ahh, signing of the registry! Most Canadian weddings include this as a part of the ceremony, but I didn't want to include it.
I didn't want to have to almost stop mid ceremony to sign it, so, we just did it immediately afterwards.

I suppose we are going to have at least 3 parts to this recap! :)
There are just so many amazing pictures, it is so hard to narrow them down.
Be back soon with recap #3 which will cover the reception.

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